• Ian Vanini

How we Live-Stream our Church Services on YouTube

In light of recent events, we have started to live stream our Sunday services on YouTube. After much trial and error we have finally figured out a system that works for our needs.

If you want to see our live-streams and church online videos you can click the following:

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to say that the footage that we stream isn't technically "live" and that is because we don't have an actual studio for live broadcasts and we don't have a whole team of people to control cameras and set up and take down every Sunday. So we prerecord all our footage on Saturday morning edit it and then stream on Sunday night.

Step 1: Gather your equipment and build your "Studio"

So like I said we record on Saturday morning and then we have the whole day to edit that content and then stream it on Sunday night. The first thing we do is gather all our equipment like lighting, cameras, screens, microphones, recording devices, etc. When we have all our equipment ready we find a nice spot to set up and film for the day. Sometimes we have to move furniture or art around to create the ideal environment. We mostly film in our living room and try to not use the same area too many times.

For those who are really interested in all the gear we use you can visit this link for more information: here

Step 2: Editing Time!

To edit our videos we use a combination of editing programs and software. We mainly use Sony Vegas Pro 14 & After Effects CC. I mainly use Sony Vegas more because I grew up with the program so I know my way around it but, for more graphic intensive things we use After Effects. For all our graphics and YouTube thumbnails we use Photoshop. Photoshop is a great tool to make images, and it's great to use with Sony Vegas. You can import Photoshop files into Sony Vegas and have the different layers.

Here are some screenshots of the programs we use:

Step 3: Live-Streaming to our Church

We live stream only onto YouTube at the moment but the same program we use for live streaming can be used for other platforms. For Streaming to YouTube we use a program called OBS, it is free and open source so anyone can download it and start streaming in a matter of minutes.

If you want to visit their official website you can visit it here

So after editing our video and adding all the necessary things like worship songs, bible verses, lower thirds, we import the final video into OBS.

Here are some screenshots of OBS:

i'm finishing off this blog on this note, don't get intimidated by other big churches who stream and have large budgets for equipment. You can start streaming from a basic webcam and still make it look great! All you need is practice and the ability to learn from trial and error.

I hope some of this helps you along your live streaming journey

With Love,

Ian Vanini

Creative Director