• Ian Vanini

Making our Christmas Service a reality

Can you believe Christmas is less than a month away! Our whole team, as I’m sure you are too, are busy preparing and getting ready for the Christmas season. Every year we have a special Christmas Carol Spectacular Service featuring live singing, breathtaking visuals, effects, and dance pieces.

It’s an incredible opportunity we have as the Church, and as creative teams, to tell and show the true message of Christmas to our communities.

It's Handwork but it worth it!

It’s also better when we share with each other so we thought we would explain a few of the things we do to craft our Christmas services. We hope it’s helpful and it inspires you to explore your creative side as well.

1. Have a vision and a goal

When we set out to make our Christmas Service we usually start with a vision of what we are going to do for the show. Sometimes we will focus more on videos and visuals then live performances, but this year we will be going the extra mile with live performances!

2. Make it breathtaking everywhere!

From the moment someone walks into the venue, sits on a chair and sees the visuals on screen everything should be beautiful and unique, we aim to make it breathtaking! To grab people's attention at every step, to make them feel welcomed in our 'home'.

3. Make it Special for Everyone!

We want our own church to be able to invite ANY of their friends/families/co-workers to our Christmas services, and so we make sure we have something special for everyone! The point is to make a welcoming and wonderful experience for everyone and anyone who walks through our doors. To create moments that can help engage with anyone who might come to our service.

4. Make it the best you can!

When I think of making something the very best I can I think a Big Budget, but that is not the case here! Something as simple as changing your regular fonts for a song to a nice handwritten/calligraphy style font for the Christmas season can make a big impact. When we need to buy anything like props or decor we think, how can we make this without breaking the bank and making it as beautiful as possible?

All in all, we love Christmas and we are very passionate about making our Christmas services a wonderful experience and to tell the story of Jesus to our church and community!

I hope these notes and tips will help you along the way to create and craft a spectacular experience for your church's Christmas service.

With love,

Ian Vanini

Creative Director